We Know Construction

The construction industry touches every aspect of our regional economy and we have proudly served many industry leaders.

Understanding the challenges in the construction industry is only the first step in providing unsurpassed business solutions.

We work with controllers, lawyers, and industry experts to form partnerships built on our client’s needs.

BKP provides a unique inventory system that helps to manage resources. Utilizing our auditing services, including 401k audits, our clients are in the best position to provide for their employees. We value transparency, especially when working with competitors, and pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity.

Our firm wants to help the controller excel in this role and provide a level of foresight that will prevent and minimize future problems. Because the services that BKP provides directly impact jobs in construction, our advisors continually expand their knowledge and skills through continued education. The passion that our firm has for getting the job done has satisfied our largest, long-standing clients for years.